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In exactly one month, on 26/27 June, international movers & shakers from the sustainability scene will meet for the 6th HospitalityInside Think Tank in Berlin. The second day was almost exclusively dedicated to the topic of measurement. After the opening impulse by EYCarbon and two other experts, in the second part of this focus topic, […]

Without technology and digitalisation, the path to zero emissions cannot be achieved. The “pathway to net zero” must be measurable, the tools a motivation to continue measuring. Only data ultimately certify the success and the – positive – changes for companies and people. That is why the HospitalityInside Think Tank (HITT) is concentrating very strongly […]

Where are the links between the many different system worlds in sustainability, what data is already available, what gaps need to be researched anew? Sophie Herrmann thinks cross-border and has already brought many different people and companies together around one table. The partner of the transformation consultancy Systemiq will therefore give the keynote at the […]

One billion business trips were made by Siemens employees worldwide in 2019, a proof of power by this company that now wants their employees to stay only in sustainable hotels. For lack of alternatives, Siemens has now set up its own “Green Stay” criteria – in association with HRS. How much pressure can this global […]

Of course, it is tricky at first, a touch of panic spreads, but then you understand very quickly how the “social” in ESG can be measured. Many hoteliers do not – yet – know how to evaluate measures on diversity, equality, migration, working conditions, human rights. Malin Lindfors Speace from Sweden, our “Social” expert at […]

When plants, birds or insects visibly and tangibly disappear, alarm bells should ring. When landslides bury hotels, the story of the risks has long since begun. However, the hospitality industry can take positive countermeasures right from the start to preserve nature. The wake-up call that Zanetta Sedilekova, a young climate and biodiversity risk advocate, will […]

Are some companies not finding employees because their CEOs don’t prioritise talent acquisition? Because they still haven’t understood that employee recruitment is hard-core sales business and has nothing to do with soft HR? Are many failures perhaps homemade? This is exactly what a self-critical expert discussion hosted by HospitalityInside and the recruiting company LHC International […]

In this sort of atmosphere, I’m able to switch off; I can reflect and exchange views directly and in person… The feedback for the 5th edition was very positive. HospitalityInside Think Tank (HITT) was significantly more positive than the previous year. Not because summer business is good right now, but because knowledge about sustainability has […]