Collective learning makes faster – AI mastermind Tom Seddon as speaker at the 3rd HITT

Collective learning makes faster – AI mastermind Tom Seddon as speaker at the 3rd HITT

May 22, 2020   Artificial intelligence must be useful. Corona helps here as well: The virus has already broken the hype in this field and exposes useless things. Unfortunately, however, AI tends to be the big opportunity for large companies rather than small ones, says Tom Seddon regretfully. The former hotel executive is one of the global thought leaders of AI – and will enrich the virtual HospitalityInside Think Tank (HITT) as a speaker on June 23, 2020! He will explain to executives how AI first makes decisions and then profits. Have you already registered for the HITT?

Tom Seddon is now one of the world’s AI masterminds. After 22 years in the hotel industry (IHG, Extended Stay America), he studied Data Sciene and founded the software company based in Washington. In a detailed interview with, he explains today which hotel activities executives should use AI for.

Below are some excerpts from his conversation with him, which also arouse curiosity about what he will say at the think tank in four weeks. Since this year’s HITT is taking place in virtual form (and as always in English), access to this conference on the subject of digitalisation is easy.

“The pandemic has so far given rise to extreme hype surrounding AI. Everyone wanted to know how AI could be used to solve the problems posed by the virus. To be honest, I think 90 percent of the suggestions and opinions I have read in this regard are nonsense. As I see it, AI must be useful and be applied where decision-making processes are repeated and serve to increase a company’s profits.”

“Corona has already changed one thing significantly: the realisation of how important it is to be in a position to learn from short-term trends. Unfortunately, THE big opportunity here is more for big companies than for the small ones. Just think of the issue of forecasting in the hotel industry.”

“Collective learning is accelerated learning – and thus a great advantage for large chains. If every hotel or restaurant manager learnt only from their own hotel, it would take more time.”

“Guest demand is very important at the moment. Staying ahead of trends drives pricing decisions, as well as marketing.”

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His impulse:
“Making decisions an unpredictable future. How can Artificial
Intelligence help? There is a lot of hype, but what are the practical applications
getting adopted now that deliver measurable performance improvements?”

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The 3rd edition of the HITT has become virtual this year, but the content and HospitalityInside’s quality standards have not changed. We look forward to experiencing and shaping these important topics for the digital future with you in the new format.

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