Digital touchpoints preferred – Ruby & Zoku shape the 3rd HITT

Digital touchpoints preferred – Ruby & Zoku shape the 3rd HITT

(May 15, 2020). “Digital contacts” will increase, communication will become faster, apps connect the world and convey security. How Michael Struck, CEO Ruby Hotels, and Jens Gmiat, COO Zoku, assess the world, which is currently moving at high speed thanks to digitalisation, you can experience for yourself at the 3rd HITT, the HospitalityInside Think Tank, on 23 June – for the first time in virtual form. With just one click you can be there live! Why is digitalisation NOW, in the middle of the Corona crisis, the top topic? Michael and Jens deliver appetizers…

“We expect that the competitive pressure will increase even more due to the crisis,” Michael Struck reacts soberly to the question. “And the security requirements specific to the crisis favour the ‘digital contacts’ option from the guest’s point of view”. For Jens Gmiat, too, safety and security are becoming much more important “than ever before – especially in the area of corporate travel,” he adds. And just like the guests, his own employees will also prefer digital touchpoints.

Ruby and Zoku are among the progressive and experimental young brand groups. For this reason, Ruby Hotels will, for example, integrate their guests’ personal mobile devices even more strongly in the future via a progressive web app, the mobile key is to become standard and communication via guest messaging systems simpler. Zoku is even working on a solution for all those guests who simply stand at the reception desk without pre-check-in and mobile key: An app should help them to check in without having to contact employees.

Young products, more homogeneity

With such smart ideas and fast implementation, the young brand groups immediately stand out clearly from the established large chains, which first have to get rid of their old PMS that have grown over decades. The young also serve fewer brands or even just one brand, “which makes us more effective in taking advantage of the opportunities offered by digitalization,” explains Michael Struck.
Fewer brands is more: Jens Gmiat also sees it that way. “And digital per se is often the core of the concept or brand,” he adds. In contrast to large chains, he says, this allows a more uniform and homogeneous approach. Again, because fewer systems or apps is more.

Experience the two young managers at the
HITT on Tuesday, 23 June, from 11.15 a.m.
– and ask your personal questions.
The two will take the lead in the discussion about
The new norms of customer experience and the implications for future hotel operating models. How will the hotel concepts and service delivery of smaller brands differentiate themselves from the multi brand hotel groups?”

What you can expect:
• an event in English language
• selected impulse generators from the hotel & non-hotel industry
• in-depth content
• coordinated contents
• consecutive lectures
• top contacts

The HITT is virtual, but the content and HospitalityInside’s quality standards have not changed. We look forward to experiencing and shaping these important topics for the future with you in the new format.
Join us, become part of the HITT community and stay tuned with us for the next 12 months:

Please call us or mail us if you have questions. We are looking forward to you and the discussions that will lead us into the time after corona in a good fashion.

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