“Embrace ESG for people, planet and prosperity.” – Register for HITT 2022!

“Embrace ESG for people, planet and prosperity.” – Register for HITT 2022!

We are back on the ship in Berlin! The 5th HospitalityInside Think Tank (HITT) returns to this inspiring event location – and will be a presence-only event again this year! Join us again in the maritime ambience under the title “Embrace ESG for people, planet and prosperity”. Get one and a half days of brand-new “Insides” in sustainability – exclusive, face2face with a limited number of participants and top impulses. On 27/28 June. Meeting place Moabit.

The think tank as a digital or hybrid event had made it easier for us to continue in the pandemic, but a “think tank” unfolds its character better in direct physical interaction – when smiling, frowning and head-shaking also become commentary.
HospitalityInside takes up the special spirit of the think tank again – on the solar-powered event ship Orca ten Broke, which some of our participants already know from the first two years.

On the first day of the event, we will already be discussing in a relaxed atmosphere in the belly of the ship, but will remain at the jetty. In the evening, we move on to the next location for a get-together, which also offers us a beautiful view of the Spree. On the second day, the ship departs early in the morning and we spend the day on the Spree and Havel.

We will be happy to take you on the journey again, this year with the title

“Embrace ESG for people, planet and prosperity”.

Our common goal: to learn from others, to critically question the unknown and to take useful things home with us. Behind the relaxed setting, there will once again be a very exciting exchange with high-calibre impulse generators and industry colleagues who bear a lot of responsibility.

The duo of sustainability & digitalisation set the content focus last year, and the one-and-a-half-day discussion on these “game changers” was admittedly compact. But it created a great foundation of knowledge in sustainability.

This time, on 27/28 June, we will have fewer panel discussions, but more time to talk. As experience shows, if you delve deeper into the details, many new questions arise. The topics range from

  • from sources of finance and financing to increasing the value of a sustainable property,
  • from the operator’s sustainable digital presence to the ‘green’ customer’s reaction to it,
  • from the supply chain to seamless integration with hotel operations,
  • from the challenges of making properties more profitable with less emissions, to the
  • the opportunities to make employees and social engagement the cement of business and society.


The Programme ā€“ an initial overview:

Impulse 1: Sustainable Finance & New Ways to ROI. Where’s the hoteliers’ access to monetary resources?

Impulse 2: Make Sustainability the best choice! How can operators offer sustainable choices and encourage sustainable behaviour on- and offline? And how do they line up with suppliers?

Impulse 3: Eliminating Emissions. How to construct, convert and operate properties that pay off for the environment and stakeholders.

Impulse 4: Social, the ā€œSā€ in ESG. The importance of social sustainability for corporate structures. Talk labour mobility, search for talent, working conditions, fair compensations and equality.

Answers and thought-provoking impulses will be provided by our impulse generators, the first of whom have already been determined and who we will gradually introduce to you here in the coming weeks – as well as our sponsors, without whom this top-class event would not be possible.

Our HITT participants and hospitalityInsiders know one face: Tim Davis, our moderator & facilitator, himself on the road for many years with his own consulting and market research company Pace Dimensions from London. With a steady hand, British humour and the gift of summarising complex contents simply, he has been leading the discussions since the first Think Tank. We are thus looking forward to Tim Davis again at the HITT, edition 5!


HITT 2022

on Monday/Tuesday, 27/28 June 2022
in Berlin City, Alt Moabit 91

Would you like to participate and register? Or know more about becoming a sponsor? Please use our registration form: https://hitt.world/#registration

On this page you will also find prices and conditions. Subscribers, former HITT participants and Early Birds receive a discount of between 50 and 250 euros. The regular ticket costs 1,150 euros.
Note: The event will be held in English.

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