The floating forum: Programme & Prices – Booking is open

The floating forum: Programme & Prices – Booking is open

(February 9, 2018) The welcome given to the announcement of the 1st HospitalityInside Think Tank (HITT) in Berlin on 10/11 June 2018 was extremely motivating.

This forum is of a very different kind – the event will take place aboard a ship as “floating forum”, will host 70-80 participants and provide lots of space for direct interaction, this forum is very different.

Another innovation is that it also incorporates non-hoteliers. For the moment, not all “impulse providers” are in place for the full range of issues to be addressed, but the general structure of the programme has been finalised. Prices have also been set, in particular those on offer to the early birds. HospitalityInside subcribers will receive special terms.
From today, booking is possible via The first international sponsor has also been secured: Sabre Hospitality Solutions will be the platinum sponsor of the 1st HITT.

The details:

HospitalityInside’s Think Tank HITT seeks to bring together an international and curious community of people looking for solutions. And lots of time has been set aside for exactly this, as the programme attached shows. HITT is organised as a purely English-speaking event. Hoteliers and hotel experts will submerge themselves in face-to-face or small group meetings with non-hoteliers – with people from research, academia and industry. And for this reason, we also include companies interested in research and content from other sectors, in particular those contributing to the current trends.

Sabre has a strong hospitality division and has been active in its own research for years. In 1996, 22 years ago, its own Travel and Technology Innovation Lab was established at its company headquarters in Southlake, Texas. According to Sabre it was the first of its kind. Since then, it has been busy conducting research, building prototypes and has maintained a constant dialogue with various sectors. It has also published regular studies and made these available to the wider public.

Sponsors as content partners

Thanks to Sabre’s commitment to HITT, participants also benefit – beyond the think tank – from the expertise of major players as well as from experts from academia, research and industry on current “emerging technologies”, all of whom are able to focus objectively on these trends and developments from a necessary distance. The first “impulse providers” have also confirmed their attendance. We will provide  further details here in short. The issues are complex, though extremely exciting.

It will certainly be very interesting to see which of these emerging technologies have more and also less relevance for the hotel industry, and what’s behind the buzz words such as AI, IOT, voice/face recognition and the blockchain.

Because issues such as automation/robotics cause panic in the hotel industry, one contribution will also look at the interaction between man and machine from the scientific and psychological perspective. The service sector will have to accept robots, so much is clear today: because they can hand simple tasks to machines and so reduce their costs. But also because “redistributing” jobs means they can use their staff in areas where sensitive communication with the guest really is necessary and must be guaranteed.

Learning to understand systems

Thinking further about the topic of automation, buzz words such as “Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning” soon crop up. The system processes behind these relationships between the individual partners in the industry will be completely redefined. For this, it is important to understand the processes at play – and to learn to use them. The framework is in place – with lots of space for discussions and a large concluding round in which what’s been heard will be checked for its applicability to the day-to-day workings of the hotel.

Tim Davis as a moderator and facilitator

In order to keep an overview of the many complex issues and questions raised, we have been able to secure a moderator who is himself an expert and who describes himself as a “facilitator”: Tim Davis from London. In 2008, he established the research and consultancy company Pace Dimensions. Since then, he has helped people to find their way through the tech jungle on 200 projects for travel and hospitality groups, technology companies as well as investors. Prior to that, Tim served on the management board of Hilton International for 9 years in charge of Commercial Development and Information Technology and has over 25 years’ experience leading the Marketing, Commercial and Technology functions for global businesses in Hospitality, Travel, and Technology.
As regards the special form of HITT, he says: “I couldn’ t imagine a better forum for managers, it helps to encourage understanding and insight and to recognise the value for our industry”.

The exchange of knowledge and experience will not end on the day of the Think Tank, but will remain alive for a whole eleven months until the next Think Tank. HospitalityInside will provide the documentation for participants. In parallel to this, post-event communication is to be established across several channels to which participants as well as sponsors and experts can contribute their own contents and activities.

BBQ on the upper deck

The HITT will welcome participants at the evening prior to the event (10 June) at a get-together in Berlin. Then on Monday 11 June, participants will assemble on board the seminar ship and – thanks to its solar power – will travel comfortably over the River Spree and Havel towards Potsdam. The ship will swim, and the thoughts will flow. The evening will then end with a barbecue on the upper deck…

The topics for the HITT 2018 as well as the prices for participation can be found today on the Think Tank page If you’d like to take part, please register on HITT World or write to us directly, and please don’t hesitate to ask any questions. Our e-mail is

Welcome on board!