HITT 2022 Sponsors: Committed to sustainable responsibility

HITT 2022 Sponsors: Committed to sustainable responsibility

The sustainability wave has overtaken everyone, large and small hotel groups, investors as well as developers, CEOs and the customers. “We are a name in the market, but we still don’t know enough about the implementation of ESG goals,” says a recent HITT sponsor. “We need exchange and inspiration”. This is also how the other sponsors of the Hospitality Think Tank see it. Achieving the big picture in a common spirit is what all participants want – also at the 5th HospitalityInside Think Tanks on 27/28 June in Berlin.

“The Hospitality Inside Think Tank offers an open exchange from which the entire industry benefits. We are therefore very proud to be on board again as an official sponsor,” says Duncan O’Rourke, CEO Northern Europe at Accor.

Content in focus

From day one (in 2018), renowned names from the industry have supported and endorsed the hitherto unique concept of this think tank, which stands out from commercialised mega-conferences through collaboration and honest discussions. At the HITT, top-class experts are not reduced to a few minutes and then immediately bid farewell: At this event, “content key”, dialogue is explicitly desired – just like in the weekly magazine hospitalityInside.com. Sponsors, experts and participants all sit in a circle and look each other in the eye.

Accor, Arabella Hospitality, Bette, Drees & Sommer, Expo Real, LHC International (Recruitment), Uniper and the Hotelschool The Hague are sponsors of HITT 2022. These companies are themselves passionately committed to sustainability, invest and initiate concepts themselves, plan and build hotels or are part of the supply chain.

With 5,200 hotels and 10,000 F&B venues in 110 countries, Accor is one of the large global chains, operates daily under the pressure of the stock market and is challenged to permanently adapt its sustainability initiative “Planet 21”. “Guests today expect a comprehensive offer that goes beyond our hotel walls,” says O’Rourke, reflecting the pressure from concrete everyday life, in which new, “green” thinking consumers demand sustainability promises with vigour. They now only book if they can fully identify with a company’s values, says the CEO Northern Europe.

Where is the sustainability journey going? “We have a responsibility to our guests, employees, customers and partners to use our resources sustainably,” confirms Karl-Heinz Pawliziki, CEO of Arabella Hospitality in Munich, from an entrepreneurial perspective. Arabella is the hotel subsidiary of the diversified Schörghuber Group from Munich, which not only brews Paulaner beer but is also a Heavyweight in construction and real estate and therefore already designs and builds Mixed Use Districts itself.

ESG: Environment, Social, Governance.
These three 
pillars determine the direction. / Photo: adobe stock Murrstock

Post-events for the HITT community

“For owners and operators, it is important to define a comprehensive sustainability strategy with concrete ecological, economic and social standards at the company and hotel level,” says Gesa Rohwedder, Head of Hotels at the international project management company Drees & Sommer. Just three weeks ago, their experts showed the HITT community the tools that can be used to achieve this at the Creativ-Campus Hammerbrooklyn in Hamburg (see link below).

It was already the second post-event workshop that HospitalityInside and Drees & Sommer initiated in the wake of the Think Tank. Every HITT sponsor is welcome to organise such in-depth theme days; it is part of the package and helps to maintain communication in the HITT community between two think tanks.

If you want to implement sustainable concepts, you need knowledge and to look beyond your own nose. “In the current times, especially in the (past) crisis, the impact on the sustainability of organisations needs to be managed from all sides,” Garry Levin picks up the thread. The founder and CEO of Berlin-based LHC International focuses on the “S” – social and is currently experiencing “probably the toughest ‘war for talent’ market in history”. The recruitment consultancy not only specialises in hospitality, but has been placing jobs across industries for years, including from and into the world of real estate, finance, IT, office and management.
Recognising the value chain

“Discussing this topic openly and constructively with all stakeholders involved is a unique opportunity that the HITT offers. This will provide us with the relevant insights we need to achieve sustainable benefits throughout the value chain,” Sebastian Noack, Head of International Project Business at Bette, is certain. The Delbrück-based company has been manufacturing architectural bathroom components from natural, glazed titanium steel since 1952, is represented in over 30 countries and is thus part of a global supply chain whose holes are currently worrying many.

Sustainability will also very much characterise this year’s Expo Real (4-6 October) in Munich. Exhibitors as well as visitors certainly expect Europe’s leading real estate and investment fair to address the issues. In this respect, many stakeholders will seek exchange there: The EU taxonomy is gaining momentum, investors as well as operators are under pressure to implement concrete sustainability measures already in the medium term.

Two companies continue to support HITT 2022 as partners: the energy company UNIPER is one of the largest electricity producers in the world and is one of the hydrogen pioneers in the search for alternative energy sources.
For Hotelschool The Hague, one of the top 5 hotel schools in the world, research in cooperation with industry is part of everyday life, as is the transfer of knowledge to its students. New courses include a Master in Leading Hotel Innovation (MA), which focuses on digital and circular transformation in the industry.

We sincerely thank all our sponsors – some of whom have been with us since the start – for their support! Without them, this event with this quality approach would not be possible. And it is proof that many companies are now rethinking: from “I” to “we” and swapping the big stage for the personal conversation.

HospitalityInside welcomes the sponsors of HITT 2022.
Thank you very much for your support!