Looking into heads and processes

Looking into heads and processes

(February 23, 2018) Our new Think Tank is finding more and more friends.

Today, we can announce AccorHotels as second sponsor for the HospitalityInside Think Tank (HITT) on 10/11 June in Berlin. “HITT is an excellent fit for our way of working”, Daniela Schade, COO Central Europe, explained of the decision to provide sponsorship.

We also introduce our first “Impulse Generator”: Prof Thomas Lachmann from the University of Kaiserslautern. As expert for “cognitive science”, his research focuses on the relationship between man and machine. The get-together in the evening prior to our brainstorming on the seminar ship will take place in equally unconventional surroundings, The 25hours Bikini Berlin.

Professor Lachmann from the University of Kaiserslautern, Germany now is the first to represent a range of high-calibre speakers expected at the HITT. We call these speakers “Impulse Generators” as they are not hoteliers and come to report from their specialist areas of expertise. These experts will provide a 20-minute lead before moving on to discussions with participants. After each Impulse Generator, there will be plenty of time for questions and conversation.
Prof Lachmann will bring with him a colleague, psychologist Jan Spilski. Both work in the Cognitive Science Centre of the University, which Lachmann has spearheaded since 2014. Lachmann himself is an internationally renowned and highly regarded scientist in this field.

Interaction between man and machine in research

In his area of research, thought processes are examined, for instance, human memory. What happens in people’s heads when they think? This is cognitive neuroscience, part of natural science. Insofar, it will be interesting to hear how man and machine can “understand” each other and how a human being reacts to a machine.
For the service industry, this is a top issue as it needs to understand the background – or their executives cannot make sensitive decisions in future. The hotel industry will in future continue to trust in human-based services. Without them, the hotel doesn’t work. At the same time, hotels will also employ robots and integrate other automated processes in order to keep costs under control.
Welcome to our session “The interaction between man & machine. Threats and benefits of a new relationship”. After this, we’ll know more – and above all, the relative small number of participants will mean everybody can ask questions. In the forum, in the mini-group or face-to-face. HITT host Tim Davis already encourages you today: “Listen! Question! Interact!”

Innovator AccorHotels as further sponsor

The HITT spirit will be quite different, in no way comparable to a classic conference. AccorHotels also appreciates the new approach taken by HospitalityInside’s Think Tank and the opportunity to enter into deeper conversations and an inspiring exchange with all participants. Europe’s biggest hotel group – with over 4,200 hotels, resorts and residences as well as over 10,000 private hotels – sees itself today as a leading “travel & lifestyle group and digital innovator”. It is committed to the new, invests and experiments. It also makes mistakes – and admits these.
To have such a global, innovative, open-minded and at the same time self-critical company at our side for the 1st HITT as bronze sponsor is very pleasing. It is a further valuable mosaic in the innovation puzzle of the HospitalityInside Think Tank.
On Sunday 10 June, the evening prior to the Floating Forum (on the seminar ship), HITT guests will meet in an unconventional relaxed atmosphere: in the Bikini Island Lounge of the 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin.