Managers need new muscles – Tim Davis speaks at HITT about the new competition and new norms

Managers need new muscles – Tim Davis speaks at HITT about the new competition and new norms

(May 29, 2020). The hotel management of the future must bid farewell to its silo-like structures: a new management muscle must grow up that allows for quick reactions and innovative adjustments to structures and products. Tim Davis has been the moderator and facilitator of the HospitalityInside Think Tank (HITT) since 2018. For the first time, Tim will show the way into the large field of digitalization. His impulse focuses on the impact of changing competitive environment, new ‘norms’, and opportunities to win.

The Corona impact is the imperative to act! “The imperative is not just to survive, but to reinvent, become stronger and thrive,” says Tim Davis, Founder and Managing Director of Pace Dimensions, London.

Before founding Pace Dimensions ten years ago, an Advisory and Research company focused on the hotel and travel sector, Tim spent 12 years at Hilton and 9 years as a member of the management board. He was a senior executive in leadership responsible for marketing, commercial development and technology, later an Executive and Non-Executive Director of 5 hospitality and travel technology companies. He has a Management Diploma in Marketing and BSc in Computer Science (

Currently, companies are wrestling to react to the Covid-19 crisis. They are having to deal with many challenges… What is missing is time to think strategically about the future. Tim Davis gives an orientation. Here are excerpts from the in-depth interview with today:

“Today’s crisis drives companies to change their ability to assess short and longer-term changes in future demand and future “norms”. The need to become far more agile and resilient to weather rapid and sometimes extreme changes in market and industry conditions has become very clear.

“Companies need to look forward at the fundamental drivers of where future demand will come; identify the early warning indicators of these drivers and monitor them to better anticipate the shape and timing of recovery. Examples might include government interventions, consumer sentiment, consumer spending patterns, shopping and booking.”

“Technology innovation and rising digital maturity is changing industry structures, redistributing wealth across industry players, and altering the basis on which companies compete.”

“Existing hotel operating models now have a unique opportunity to emerge stronger from the current crisis than they went in.”

“Develop an adaptive management muscle. Transform rigid investment, planning and decision cycles into an agile management model that continually monitors and learns, then prioritises and decides changes to meet short, mid and long-term change.”

Experience Tim Davis,
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His impulse:
“The impact of changing competitive environment, new ‘norms’, and opportunities to win.”

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The 3rd edition of the HITT has become virtual this year, but the content and HospitalityInside’s quality standards have not changed. We look forward to experiencing and shaping these important topics for the digital future with you in the new format.

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