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(May 15, 2020). "Digital contacts" will increase, communication will become faster, apps connect the world and convey security. How Michael Struck, CEO Ruby Hotels, and Jens Gmiat, COO Zoku, assess the world, which is currently moving at high speed thanks to digitalisation, you can experience for yourself at the 3rd HITT, the HospitalityInside Think Tank, [...]
(February 14, 2020). The HospitalityInside Think Tank (HITT) 2020 can be booked starting today! For the third time, this creative platform for hospitality executives will kick off again on June 22/23 – this time in Potsdam, south of Berlin with the "Spotlight" premiere on day 1. Accompany young software companies and agile market leaders on [...]
(May 31, 2019). The second Think Tank is over, the feedback continues and the HITT participants are already driving forward Think Tank 2020 with additional internal ideas and suggestions ... The hospitalityInside team is very pleased about the overwhelming feedback and this lively community, which fully absorbed the truly unique spirit of this "floating forum" [...]
(May 24, 2019). Figuratively speaking, the area of conflict created by digitisation is located right in the middle of the bright red sunset and the fierce lightning of a thunderstorm that ended the get-together at the 2nd HospitalityInside Think Tank (HITT) in Berlin on Sunday evening. On Monday, on board the seminar ship that floated [...]
(April 19, 2019). "I would love to have the problems of the hotel industry!" Dr Marc Schumacher meant that seriously in the preparatory discussion leading up to his appearance at the 2nd HITT Think Tank on the seminar ship in Berlin on May 19/20. According to the retail specialist from Liganova, this industry – in [...]
(April 5, 2019). Digital minds think differently: out of the box, globally and customer-focused. The programme of the 2nd HospitalityInside Think Tank (HITT) on 19/20 May in Berlin is now complete with further high-calibre "Impulse Generators" from globally active companies. Again, non-hoteliers will speak. The four speakers come from PwC/PricewaterhouseCoopers Switzerland, Liganova/Brand Retail Company from [...]

(March 1, 2019). Networking around digitalisation: In future, HospitalityInside will support this exchange within the frame of its HospitalityInside Think Tank (HITT) stronger. For the first time, the publisher invited the HITT Community for breakfast (including key note) in Berlin, in the context of IHIF and ITB. Last week, a small circle met for an […]

(February 1, 2019). HITT 2019 is about to cast off again! Once more in Berlin and with the inspiring seminar ship. On May 19/20, the HospitalityInside Think Tank will set course for the idyllic Havel and the issue of digitalisation for the second time. This time, the title is: "Digitalisation: The new value creator. Learn [...]
(August 24, 2018). HITT, Edition 2: The second HospitalityInside Think Tank (HITT) will take place on Sunday/Monday, 19/20 May 2019 – again in Berlin and again on the seminar ship. SAVE THE DATE! You can register for this on this website or send an eMail to maria@hospitalityInside.com. The new programme is maturing – with the [...]