Resilient businesses are emerging now! Why you should attend the HospitalityInside Think Tank (HITT)

Resilient businesses are emerging now! Why you should attend the HospitalityInside Think Tank (HITT)

Munich (August 6, 2021). The Covid crisis has accelerated the topic of sustainability & digitalisation. “This is the decade of change as technology matures, governments develop regulations, incentives and penalties, and consumers increasingly vote with their wallets,” says Tim Davis, Partner at Pace Dimensions in London. Resilient businesses are emerging now! That’s why it’s the perfect moment to connect with industry peers and ask experts personal questions. The 4th HospitalityInside Think Tank (HITT) on 13/14 September makes just that possible. Sign up!

Position yourself in the recovery!

Tim Davis also advises boards of suppliers, technology and private equity companies on travel & hospitality and knows that amid the Corona crisis, many are overlooking how central the issue has become. “At a time when most businesses are working hard to preserve resilience and build for recovery, determining how to recover and position for leadership in the longer time is a growing priority for management.”

Two of the biggest factors that will shape future success are Sustainability and the Digital economy. Both were already important and growing factors pre-Covid but have been amplified and accelerated by the crisis. Consumers and governments have brought it into focus.

With all that is going on, why focus on this now?

+ The pressure is not only coming from governments, which on the one hand will promote sustainability, but on the other hand will force behavioural changes via more and more measures.

+ The other big impact comes from consumers: they are increasingly making more sustainable choices.

+ Even more important, given the growing scarcity of resources of all forms, is to build economically sustainable businesses that will thrive for decades.

+ The solution: use technological innovation to create more efficient and profitable businesses, making life on the planet and in society more friendy.

Tim Davis. / Photo: Pace Dimension

HospitalityInside’s annual industry think tank will focus on the two pivotal factors shaping the future of the hospitality industry: Sustainability and how it can be enabled by digitalisation. “This is the perfect time to engage with industry peers, build understanding from a host of informed leaders and experts, and develop thought leadership to help you transform your business,” Tim Davis believes. The consultant, who conducts research himself, also knows from his conversations and surveys how great the desire for personal exchange is.

Why is direct dialogue with colleagues and experts
so important?

+ This think tank looks at the trends that will shape the future of the industry and determine who will lead in the future.

+ HITT analyses consumer behaviour, regulatory developments and the digital maturity of processes and businesses.

+ Practical examples highlight what companies have already done and where and how they can drive their transformation.

+ The event is a think tank, a forum for open dialogue among executives. It provides solutions and new approaches to solving complex processes.

The brains behind the scenes

For the fourth year, HospitalityInside engaged PACE Dimensions and Tim Davis MBE, Managing Director of PACE Dimensions, to moderate the event. He is a thought leader who has developed his research and consultancy business over the last decade with some of the industry’s leading hotel and travel groups, as well as a practitioner who served on the board of Hilton for nine years and sat on the board of various technology companies.

Tim is also part of the Advisory Committee helping to curate the content, a team that HospitalityInside has newly established this year and which includes other renowned industry insiders: Wolfgang M. Neumann (Sustainable Hospitality Alliance), Xenia zu Hohenlohe (The Considerate Group), Tony Williams (Destination-360) and Maria Pütz-Willems (HospitalityInside).

Now only YOU are missing!

+ Take advantage of this unique opportunity for a competent exchange in a limited, small and top-class circle!
+ Come live to Munich, enjoy the relaxed atmosphere in the co-working space and the relaxed get-togethers on both days.
+ Or experience the think tank digitally via Zoom from the comfort of your office or home office!

The big topic of the HospitalityInside Think Tank 2021:

The Decade of Action: How Sustainability leads the agenda, how Digitalisation enables it.

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HITT, the HospitalityInside Think Tank 2021
on 13/14 September in Munich,
LIVE in a relaxed co-working space and VIRTUAL. In English language.


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