How hotels become living magnets – “Urban Hospitality under Fire”: HITT discussion on Mixed Use developments

How hotels become living magnets – “Urban Hospitality under Fire”: HITT discussion on Mixed Use developments

Hamburg (June 25, 2021). What role will hotels still play in the new inner-city mix of the future? “They will have to embed themselves – they need the approval of the population!”, says Gesa Rohwedder, Head of Hospitality of the internationally operating project manager Drees & Sommer. At the 4th HospitalityInside Think Tank (HITT) on 14 September, she will ignite a discussion under the topic “Urban Hospitality under Fire”. The frame conditions are changing.

The long-time hotel manager now strategically deals with city and district planning, the mixed-use character of which will always include lodging concepts – regardless of whether they are classic hotels, serviced apartments or hybrid residential concepts. The pandemic has triggered an enormous change that simply demands self-reflection from everyone. This also applies to the hotel industry.

And this is the beginning of lateral thinking for Gesa Rohwedder, thinking beyond the usual framework. “We all have to become much more flexible,” she says. Because what does hotel mean today? The trend has (for a long time) been moving away from pure accommodation towards lifestyle and living. Therefore, in the future, much will revolve around the implementation of Living, combined with a healthy socially mixed structure.

Fresh ideas for the hotel lobby

“Mixed-use neighbourhoods consist of living: socially subsidised living, upscale residential real estate and temporary living,” she says. For the latter, it hardly matters whether you are talking about hotels, serviced apartments, hybrid living or student housing. Gesa Rohwedder is convinced that customers looking for a temporary home in a city do not even see the differences between the individual forms of housing.

Gesa Rohwedder

Thinking about a new coexistence in residential quarters or large areas requires overarching questioning. With every determination of use, thinking about conversions or re-uses goes hand in hand. “And while hospitals in city centres today are really just workshops for spare parts, Urban Resorts may pick up the human needs of patients after their hospital stay,” she reflects aloud.

In the same way, everyone knows that classic conference hotels have had their day. How can they be spiced up, linked to the neighbourhood? That calls for imagination. But why not bring the cobbler into the lobby or a bicycle repair shop? Such ideas ensure acceptance among the population, anchor the hotel in the mixed structure of the neighbourhood. “We have to think more in terms of variable models,” Gesa Rohwedder summarises again.

Drees & Sommer is currently developing a demonstrator, a digital model that can be used to visualise mixed-use desired structures, and to calculate mobility and costs. The demonstrator should be ready by the Think Tank so that we can experience it live at the event. / map

JOIN Gesa Rohwedder, Head of Hospitality, Drees & Sommer, on the second day of the HospitalityInside Think Tank (HITT), 14 September at 11am (CET).

Her HITT Impulse: “Urban Hospitality under Fire”. Mixed Use will reflect the future demand and a new blend of target groups, re-shape the city centres and change hotel concepts.  – Including live presentation of a new demonstrator.

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