Which certificates, tools, scopes make sense?

Which certificates, tools, scopes make sense?

In exactly one month, on 26/27 June, international movers & shakers from the sustainability scene will meet for the 6th HospitalityInside Think Tank in Berlin. The second day was almost exclusively dedicated to the topic of measurement. After the opening impulse by EYCarbon and two other experts, in the second part of this focus topic, three more critical professionals analyse the practice – and thus the large, spongy pond of sustainability certificates and measurement instruments.

Xenia zu Hohenlohe. / Photo: private

The trio wants only one thing: to help implement sustainability soundly. That is why Anthony Tuffour and Anthony (Tony) Williams from Buro Happold, a global pool of highly specialised engineers and consultants, are also involved in the HITT – as is Xenia zu Hohenlohe, co-founder of the Considerate Group, which has been helping hotel companies in Central Europe to set up and implement a sustainability strategy for eleven years.

Which systems are effective?

The headline of HITT 2023 is “Next level: Measure. Benchmark. Drive” and the think tank is doing its part to implement sustainable transformation (in the subtitle: “Lifting sustainability from intention to traction.”). We know from many conversations: The fear of the certificate jungle alone is great – there are already far too many of them today. Xenia zu Hohenlohe will filter them: Are the systems that are publicly perceived also the most effective? Which system is suitable for which phase?

The industry is understandably quick to think of systems that bring solutions: After all, the EU’s targets are ambitious and entrepreneurs fear penalties if they cannot meet them. This is where Anthony Tuffour steps in: he is a geo-data scientist and an expert in data-driven and technological services; he also considers digital twins for real estate to be indispensable. He gives absolute priority to data. His approach is: “Don’t think systems, think data”. Why? Data is the basis on which all systems are built. If you know what data you have and what data you lack, you can filter the systems on offer more quickly.

Anthony Tuffour. / Photo: private

Why are data and categories important?

Anthony Tuffour’s approach is holistic, one that brings hotel investors, operators and other stakeholders, even the neighbourhood, communities and many others to the table from the very beginning. “I know the discussions about prioritising data or systems from many consultations with a wide variety of industries,” he says, well aware that there will be similar questions in the hospitality industry. He is keen to answer them.

Anthony (Tony) Williams is an ecologist by training. Among other things, he developed the ecological concept of the Al Maha Desert Resort in Dubai, developed sustainable tourism concepts for Qatar Tourism and implemented hotel projects in Saudi Arabia. He knows international standards as well as the requirements and demands of developers, investors and operators. Therefore, he tells the participants how to identify and calculate the emission sources of their own company via Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3.

This is the only way to develop an efficient climate protection strategy. At the end of the process, one’s own footprint and the path to “net zero”, the balance between the greenhouse gases produced and those that are removed from the atmosphere, will be determined.

The 6th HospitalityInside Think Tank features more top-class and international speakers and co-discussants than ever before. It shows the urgency they all give to the topic. Take your chance to talk to these people in person. Most of them will be there on both days of the Think Tank. / map

Tony Williams. / Photo: private

The HITT Plea for Measurement (2):
on Tuesday, 27 June 2023, at 1.30pm at the HITT Think Tank

Impulse 5: Key enablers to building a pathway
Increase the likelihood of success: Measurement, management and control is best enabled by technology systems that can help hotel companies achieve better governance, improvements to economic and sustainability goals. How does the tech landscape look like today? Who are the leaders and fast-growing disruptors? Best practises, uses cases and examples.

Xenia zu Hohenlohe, Founding Partner, Considerate Group, A certified B-Corp company creating tailor-made strategies and hands-on solutions to hotels’ sustainability challenges.

Anthony Tuffour, Director, Global Lead GIS & Digital Twins AND
Anthony (Tony) Williams, Program Director Tourism & Sustainability Development,
both of Buro Happold,
A global engineering company working across different scales, from buildings and districts to city scale.


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